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My name is Marimar Gaylah, and I am the founder and owner of Fusion Dance Studio, LLC. I moved from Africa to the United States when I was four and have lived in Fargo, North Dakota. At the age of four, I realized how much I loved dancing. I enjoy it because I dance when I have many things on my mind. After all, it relieves my stress and makes me happy. I come from a family that loves to have a good time. When we threw family parties, our parents would host a dancing contest, and it was me against a few of my cousins, and 9/10 times I won the competition. I have performed at weddings, birthday parties, music events, etc., and choreographed dances for people and events throughout my years of dancing. Since my years in the United States, I have noticed diverse dance studios in many other states but not where I live. I have lived in Fargo, North Dakota, for over twenty years, and our community's dance structure has mostly stayed the same. I used to express to my family and friends that I would be the first African American to open a dance studio in my town that would be very distinct. I have an extreme desire for dancing, and my passion for dancing is becoming a reality because I am driven to work hard to achieve this goal. Therefore, I am committed to making a difference in my community by opening this dance studio to give and share with my community an African cultural hip-hop dance that is incompatible and beginning to spread worldwide, and I know they would enjoy it.

Circle of Dots

-Marimar Gaylah

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