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Learn Afro Hip-hop/ Amapiano Dance for All Ages!



Fusion Dance Studio's mission is to enhance the love of dance in many aspects while encouraging self-confidence, discipline, and teamwork. Our dancers can improve their physical and emotional well-being in our dance program. Our studio aims to acknowledge and sustain diversity and inclusion, where everyone feels welcome. We firmly believe in treating people the way we want to be treated," as our studio's agenda will ensure we provide quality care, respect, and professionalism because we seek to treat each of our dancers like family/friends. We know each of our dancers has hidden talent, so we will strive to inspire them to discover their creativity within themselves, as "through dancing is where our dreams come alive." 


Summer classes begin now. Enroll to be a part of our Fusion Dance Studio family!   


Mini Afro Starter Classes

The beginner level 1 class from ages 6 to 8 will be conducted slowly in elementary dance steps. It teaches the primary skills of Afro music and dance, such as the beat, time, and direction, introducing the concept of flexibility, confidence, and self-awareness.

Glowing Stars Classes

The beginner/intermediate level 2 class from ages 9 to12 will conduct in elementary dance steps and a few advanced levels. Introducing the concept of strength, confidence, communication, self-awareness, control, flexibility, and teamwork. 

Fusion Heat

Private Classes

The advanced/intermediate level 3 class for ages 13 and above will conduct at the advanced level introducing the expertise skills such as physical fitness, communication, creativity, confidence, resilience, and teamwork. Following the concept of knowing the body, force, time, space, and physical expressions. 

Private classes are only in-person classes. This class is held one-on-one, allowing the instructor to focus on the student and personalize the dance steps according to their skill level.

Private Online Classes

Online classes are held via Zoom and will teach the student according to their level of dance.

(Please contact us for more info)

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